Chris Johnston is passionate about history and history is one of the aspects of Architecture that drew him to the field.





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New Book Inspired by Tough Hombre's WWII Diary

It started as  a written record for the grandchildren of Lt. H.C. Neil, Dallas, Texas, but the story was just too good not to share. A book by  Chris Johnston entitled, In Her Father's Footsteps, has just been published.  Chris and his wife Margie, daughter of Lt. Neil, made a pilgrimage from Normandy to the Moselle River to follow the path of her father's platoon. Lt. Neil was one of General Patton's most decorated officers. Patton said in 1944 in a quote directed to Lt. Neil's 90th Division, the "Tough Ombres" :   "The capture and development of your bridgehead over the Moselle River in the vicinity of Koenigsmacker will ever rank as one of the epic river crossings of history". The book might have been subtitled " Saving Patton"  because of the results of that WWII infantry combat assault. Chris Johnston is an architect and student of military history. He lives in Tyler, Texas.



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Click to enlarge. ( Library at Phi Delta Theta National HQ, Oxford Ohio). Dedicated copy of book in memory of Lt.H.C.Neil is shelved here.

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